Success Strategies

  1. Our Faculty

The Faculty Members associated with EMS Academy are a strong and dedicated team of experts who posses ample experience to nurture the student at the basic level and Simultaneously making them adaptable to face the competitive exam successfully. This is achieved through fostering innovation in education, interaction with professors, conceptual teaching, assessment, evaluation, guidance and motivation.


  1. Systematic Academic Strategy:

All our Classroom contact program have been designed so that the student, in each subject first obtain the basic clarity and then understand its application by the assignment and problems. This is strengthened by daily practice problem and regular testing system i.e. unit test, surprise test and eventually full syllabus mock test.


  1. Study Material:

In order to implement the process of learning, EMS Academy provides course material which is unique and been developed indigenously by the expert after careful study of the latest examination trends.


  1. Counseling Input:

At EMS Academy regular sessions are conducted to help the child in better planning and creating stress free environment. Students consistently are motivated towards their goals by providing regular Counseling session to overcome their problems with our experts.


  1. Regular Feedback to Parents:

The results of the tests, punctuality and behavior of the student are regularly informed to the parents.


  1. Doubt Removal Classes:

Every week doubt classes are scheduled for students to satisfy their curiosity. Special Emphasis is been given to weak students.


  1. Library:

EMS Academy provide library to all the students for an academic environment. Large collections of standard and competitive books are available in the library in addition to the various reference books.