Science Leaders

This program extensively covers  IIT-JEE , Medical and CBSE preparation, teachers take great care to initiate the child with basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Maths and then smoothly transiting to a higher and complex level of problem solving, must have for competing in IIT-JEE and Medical exams.

In order to enable better understanding of the difficult topics, our module focuses on strengthening the basic fundamentals. The course is designed in such a way that it helps in reinforcing the core concepts and hence provide sufficient problem solving practice to its students.

We work at two different Levels i.e.

Level 1 : The First Stage aims on understanding important topics of Class XI and XII which can be the source of confusion and mistakes.

Level 2 : This module covers the topics relevant for Class XII. The module also covers the Class XII course topics so that the students can excel in there Board Exams as well along with IIT JEE and Medicals

Final Level : The Regular Classroom Course students give Test Series and will get their performance analysis .

1. Target – This Programme lay strong foundation & preparation For Class XI and XII

2. Class – XI and XII

3. Course Name – Science Leaders

4. Medium of Study – English

5. Subject Offered – Physics , Chemistry , Maths , Biology

6. Assessment Criteria
Periodic Test (PT) – On Alternate Sundays
Major Test (MT) – For Half-Yearly & Pre-Board/Pre – Final Exam Preparation
Surprise Test (ST) – After completion of the topic