This program helps the student in imbibing the fundamental of subjects and development of personality. Whether you consider yourself prepared or not, taking the first step in the right direction at the right time definitely pays off. Which will be useful throughout life and this program introduces the basic academic structure required to excel in competitive exams. The course will lay strong foundation & preliminary preparation for various competitive exams like IITJEE, AIPMT, and Olympiads etc.

This Programme is synchronized with school education hence to prepare for both School & Competitive Examinations organized at state or National Level like NTSE, IJSO, NSTSE & Various Olympiads like NSO, IMO, IEO, UIEO, UCO etc. This Programme help students to take early lead, prepare them in gradual and systematic manner for high level competitive exams and avoid stress & time pressure.

1. Target
This Programme lay strong foundation & preparation for various competitive exams like IMO,ISO & also ensures excellence in school exams.

2. Class – IX, X

3. Course Name – Nurture

4. Medium of Study – English

5. Subject Offered – Science , Mathematics , English , Social Science , Mental Ability

6. Assessment Criteria
Periodic Test (PT) – On Alternate Sundays
Major Test (MT) – For SA-1 & SA2 Preparation
Surprise Test (ST) – After completion of the topic

Why to Join?


  1. The program is targeted towards Student who want to start early to success in school and Competition level
  2. With rich study material and expertise teaching in Science, Math’s and Other Subject it prepare to the world of Competition exams, School exam and Olympiads and KVPY thereby boosting the students confidence along with knowledge.
  3. The syllabus of IX and X introduces concepts which student learns in detail in Class XI and XII. Therefore Strong Foundation program starting in class XI and XII will ensure strong understanding of Fundamentals, which is prime requirement for entrance exams.
  4. Regular and surprise tests are conducted to encourage students to be prepared and dedicated towards their studies at all times. It also help in judging the performance level of the students


Admission Process –

  • Direct admission on the basis of percentage of Marks and Grade.


Scholarship Offered –

  • The student can obtain scholarship in tuition fees up to 90%.