About EMS Academy

EMS Academy is one of the renowned institute in Jaipur dealing with Foundation and Pre-Foundation Courses for Academics and enhancing the overall personality of its students.It is the epitome of the premier institute for the youth who are aspiring for various courses like engineering, medical and biotechnology etc. we aim to give direction to the young aspirant by imparting quality education through best teaching methodology. our objective is to create best competitive environment for the student so that they can explore their inner potential and confidence. The functionality of EMS is based on right education to aspiring student by giving them conceptual and analytical knowledge to shape them for competitive exams.



“Education is the most important tool one can use to change the world.”

With this vision in mind, and an aim to provide landmark teaching in both academic and competitive fields, the founding stones of EMS Academy were laid in 2012. Although the institute witnessed a humble beginning, the constant urge to strive for excellence and provide direction to budding minds through the channels of quality education, coupled with the conscientious efforts of its teaching staff, lead it to achieve unprecedented results in its Pre-Foundation and Foundation Courses, and also received accolades in other competitive exams. It has never looked back since.It has continued on its steady path towards perfection, by creating a healthy competitive environment for students, allowing them to explore their inner potential to the fullest, nurturing their self confidence, and educating their mind towards success.



Our vision is to be an institution with a distinction in imparting excellent education, which can keep up with the continually changing social realities, through the development and application of knowledge, using the tools of creativity and innovation.
EMS Academy endeavors to develop the all-round personality of its students, by bringing out the best in them, through the virtue of imparting conceptual education.