Educating Mind Towards Success



EMS is the epitome of the premier institute for the youth who are aspiring for various courses like engineering, medical and biotechnology etc. we aim to give direction to the young aspirant by imparting quality education through best teaching methodology. our objective is to create best competitive environment for the student so that they can explore their inner potential and confidence. The functionality of EMS is based on right education to aspiring student by giving them conceptual and analytical knowledge to shape them for competitive exams.


Courses Offered by EMS Academy


Science Leaders

This program extensively covers  IIT-JEE , Medical and CBSE preparation, teachers take great care to initiate the child with basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Maths and then smoothly transiting to a higher and complex level of problem solving, must have for competing in IIT-JEE and Medical exams. In order to enable better understanding of the difficult topics, our module focuses on strengthening the basic fundamentals. The course is designed in such a way that it helps in reinforcing the core concepts and hence provide sufficient problem solving practice to its students. Read More


Commerce Leaders

Commerce is a useful stream as this discipline has great demand in different job oriented fields. Subjects like Economics, Accountancy, Business studies and others are included in this stream. After completion of their 10 standard, students can opt for this stream in class 11 and 12 and they can also take this stream in graduation level. This program extensively covers and Lay Strong Foundation for Accounts , Economics and Business Studies, teachers take great care to initiate the child with basic concepts of these three Subject. Read More



This program helps the student in imbibing the fundamental of subjects and development of personality. Whether you consider yourself prepared or not, taking the first step in the right direction at the right time definitely pays off. Which will be useful throughout life and this program introduces the basic academic structure required to excel in competitive exams. The course will lay strong foundation & preliminary preparation for various competitive exams like IITJEE, AIPMT, and Olympiads etc.   Read More


Pre – Nurture

Strong foundations last long, therefore we focus on inculcating concepts and building a strong core for the crucial 7th and 8th  standard. Our CBSE Tutoring is designed with realistic goals for students to successfully achieve and excel in the academic year. This Programme lay strong foundation & prepare the students for Competitive Examinations organized at state or National Level like NTSE, IJSO, NSTSE & Various Olympiads like NSO, IMO, IEO, UIEO, UCO etc & also ensure excellence in school exams. Read More